Trusted online marketplace for Medical Tourism

Find Global Care Ltd. developed, owns and operates, a trusted online marketplace for patients to discover and book medical treatments around the world. 

The platform provides a funnel whereby patients from an origin country seeking medical procedures can seamlessly connect to the relevant hospital to perform a particular procedure in the destination country.

Our business is bringing the best information available to people looking for medical centers online.
We believe that directories are the most efficient way to present information. It is much more convenient for people to find the information in a well-structured, detailed and up-to-date directory, then trying to find your way in dozens of websites with varying levels of usability and confusing structures.

We try to bring detailed information about each medical center, and in many cases our information is at par with what you can find in the medical center's website.

Our target audience includes:

  • Medical tourists: people traveling for another country for the sole purpose of getting a medical treatment.
  • "Holiday Makeovers": People going on vacation and combining it with a dental or aesthetic treatments.
  • Expats: people living or working outside of their home country.
  • Regular tourists: people in vacation, who find themselves in need of a medical treatment.
  • English speaking people looking online for medical services (i.e. Indians, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Filipinos)
  • In February 2012, launched our Russian website - - Справочник по медицинскому туризму, targeting the growing demand of Russians for medical care abroad.
  • In December 2012, launched our Arabic website - - دليل السياحة العلاجية, targeting the demand of the Arab population for medical treatment abroad.
  • In November 2015, launched our V-HMO platform delivering access to affordable, effective care to international patients which are now able to evaluate and control healthcare options, communicate seamlessly with hospital team, manage health history and medical records, medical bills and follow-up on after care. 
  • In November 2017, launched our Chinese website – - 疗旅游,如此简单 , targeting the demand of the Chinese population for medical treatment abroad.

  • In March 2018, launched our Spanish website – - Guía de Turismo Médico , targeting the demand of the Spanish population for medical treatment abroad.

  • In March 2019 we launched and processed first online payments for medical treatments. Pure machine process. 0 -> 1. Google -> money. Now it is easier than ever to book and pay for your medical treatment. 

  • In 2019 we have deepened and strengthened our relationships with hospitals in our network, some consecutively partnered with us since 2009. 

  • We finished 2019 profitable and growing. 

  • In Q1 2020 we have delivered record high income for a single quarter. 

  • Q2 2020 – Covid-19 (Corona) pandemic – upon the request of our partner hospitals, we launched online consultations and kept treating and supporting expats living in foreign countries.